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8 Handbag Styles Through The Seasons

What are the key handbag styles that one really needs? The answer to that question lies close to our lifestyles. But that's not all, understanding different handbag styles and their functions will help turn our search for the suitable handbag up a notch warmer.

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8 Bags Styles Through The Seasons: The Crossbody Handbag

Crossbody bags reign supreme because of their hands-free appeal. Throw one across your body and forget about struggling to carry both your grocer bags and phone at the same time.  Here we discuss if the crossbody handbag suitable as a workwear handbag.

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8 Bags Styles Through The Seasons: The Bucket Bag

Although the bucket bag craze slowed down a bit in recent years, this roomy, chic handbag option never really goes out of style. We still receive a lot of custom order request for the bucket bags. Most of the new bucket bags are bigger and better than ever.

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