Goal Setting: Timeliness

Giving Adequate Time For Your Goals

The last and I would also say the most important criteria from the S.M.A.R.T method of goal settings is timeliness. When timeliness is mentioned, our thoughts turn to deadlines which may be ensued by anxiety. 

The criteria timeliness is not just a reminder for us to get a good sense of the time that we need to accomplish a goal. Besides finding out if the time frame we have set is suitable, we can also take a step back and reflect if the goal is something that we ought to pursue in the context of our present plans and activities. 

Timeliness is especially important for those who are pioneering a new lifestyle, products, or services. Besides keeping a disciplined schedule to ensure all plans fall into the correct places, it is also necessary to ask ourselves if that goal could be more well-received at a later phase of time. 

A consciousness on timeliness is also very important in the aspect of long term goals. It shifts our perspectives and focus to enjoy the process and journey of striving to reach these goals and thereby shapes our character with grit. 

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