Goal Setting: Specificity

The S in S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting

Pursuing a vague goal is like setting sail without a compass. Our goals are suppose to give us direction in our journey. A goal that isn't specific will lead us to nowhere.

Take for example a commonly pursued goal: loosing our body weight. I can write down that my goal for this year is to loose weight. Or I can be a little more specific by writing down my goal as losing 5 kg of my body weight within 6 months, by limiting my fine carbohydrate consumption to 60g per meal and committing to 20 minutes of cardio exercise daily.

Let's take another example: I want to see a growth in my coaching business. I could go about by specifying what is defined as growth, by when do I want to see the growth, who will I be collaborating with in pursuing the goal, where is the goal to be achieved, and why is this goal important to me?

Asking What,When,Who, Where, and Why, enable us to visualize our goals better. Having a clearer vision on the goal you wish to pursue gurantees us a better grasp of the actions needed and also a higher chance of accomplishing it.

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