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How to Choose the Right Size Belt for Yourself?

  Your belt size should be 2 inches longer than the size of your pants waist. So if you are wearing a size 40” trousers, you will need a 42” belt (105 cm in length). This length refers to the strap length from the buckled belt hole (usually the middle hole) to the end of the strap that is attached to the buckle.  Alternatively, you can work out the size of your new belt from your old belt. Measure from where you always buckle it to the opposite end of the strap (the end that is attached to the buckle), and get the closest size to that. When buying a plate buckle, remember the throw (distance from chape to hook)...

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Tips On Finding A Quality Belt

It is hard not to feel sceptical when a salesperson assures you that the quality of the belt you are holding at your hand is a good quality product. Instead of succumbing to our prejudice and doubt, a more rational approach is to ask the right questions about the make of the belt or even better look for specific traits that are sure signs of a good quality belt.

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