03 Support Your Friend's Creative Pursuit

[caption id="attachment_126" align="aligncenter" width="270" caption="Button Up! F1 Leading Man for Brawn GP"]Button Up! F1 Leading Man for Brawn GP[/caption] The F1 season starts in March 2009 and in line with the wheezing and buzzing of the wheelies, we decide it shall be the month of the RALLY...yes let this be the month to support your friend's creative pursuits. The troubling financial situation will be a serious challenge to the thriving of creativity and a positive way to get the adrenalin on creativity pumping is by rallying for your dear friends who are in the creative field...Go on, spread a word about their flair, their talent, or even their wonderful affable personality and on our part...check out our forthcoming issue of ViTRINE which will feature stores, the stylists, photographers, journalists whom we truly adore and respect!

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