06 Visiting the Room of Silence

[caption id="attachment_321" align="aligncenter" width="240"]
brandenburg-gate-at-night brandenburg-gate-at-night[/caption] "The vision of creating a non-denominational Room of Silence in the middle of Berlin came about in the eastern part of the then still divided city in December 1988. After the German re-unification in 1990, the idea was transmitted to people in the western part of the city. According to the sponsors the Room of Silence has dual purpose: Firstly it provides an opportunity for everyone, independent of background, colour,ideology, religion, and physical condition to enter and remain in silence for a while to simply relax, to gain strength for the daily life, or to remember inside this historic place the dark but also hopeful events, to meditate and to feel grateful for the achievements of recent years. This room is also a continuous invitation to tolerance, the br0therhood of man embracing all nationalities and ideologies, a continuous reminder against violence and xenophobia - a small step towards peace and spiritual unity." Excerpt from www.raum-der-stille-im-brandenburger-tor.de

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