5 Summer Personal Grooming Must Have

Here comes the sun! which means we should even be less careless with our personal grooming routine. Thus ViTRINE team picks 5 grooming items which we think are crucial and suitable during the summer season. Hermes_Terre_dHermes-3 Perfumes that turns too torridly fragrant should be changed to those that are suitable for warmer and humid climate. Although it is a men's fragrance, I have many women friends who surreptitiously steal a couple of spray from their husbands/ boyfriends. The complex but pleasant notes remains appealing even as the temperature takes a tilt upward. clarins I use sunscreen every day regardless the season however a stronger or more durable one may be necessary for longer hours under the sun. These protective solutions come in varying tint. All I can say is I feel thouroughly protected. 069_l Lots of walking with the sandals may also wear your feet down, thus make sure that your feet are moisturized each night before turning in. Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream is pure heavens. him bot02 4549337283305_400 The other two must have in my leather tote is a bottle of water and a linen scarf...I like the new designs on Himalayan Water, although I prefer to avoid bottled water for the reason of plastic consumption and a linen scarf from Muji is always a good accessory to have at work or during the weekend.

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