A Fairly Indulgent Retrospective: Le Onde

72Smalldive_LeOnde_Hobos   Le Onde is about setting off to an adventure from a forest of hovering oak trees, through the moss gullies, across meandering frozen rivers and finally to the surging ocean. Muted hues from nature defines this winter collection. Leather, fish skin, wool and cashmere are blended into the designs to create a tactile contrast. Functions and style are bound together by the chord of versatility so that the accessories may be used both in the day and in the evening, on a road-warrior adventure in a metropolis or on an elopement to The Belle Époque… This collection marked our 2nd presentation with our Italian showroom Vestis. It was a collection which required us to construct a wider product range from a utilitarian and price perspective. Le Ondè is also a collection which we experimented with suede, a tough leather that is fold and scratch resistant and where each model in the collection is named after 1 character in the Virginia Woolf’s novel Orlando (Guess which character?)

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