Accenting with Plaid |I Plaid Not Guilty

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1858,1867,1860,1859,1869,1861,1862,1868,1863,1864,1785,1865,1870,1866,1871"] Much to the contrary, plaid is not synonymous with lumberjacks or coffee shop lounging hipster bearded sets. The sporty and casual fabric is also popular amongst the well-heeled jet setter, who of course prefer it in wool or cashmere. This fall, many fashion houses have incorporated plaid (or tartan and gingham) patterns in their designs. With so many options out there, how does one add plaid into one's wardrobe? Accenting with plaid (or tartan) is a great way to jump onto the trend wagon without looking like a project runway victim. Here is a pin-board of trending with plaid from 72 Smalldive design team. The pinboard of course includes our latest minuadière acrylic laminated in prince of wool and tartan. The asymmetrical and faceted surface gives the gentleman's fabric a touch of rock-oomph. 72 Smalldive Minaudière is now available at 72 Smalldive Online Shop 

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