Alessia Bee L'alì

72 Smalldive ViTRINE Tete a Tete Behind the Scene Alessia Bee L'ali

A designer with a strong fashion in vintage clothing and accessories, Alessia undertook the task of styling for 72 Smalldive campaign images of its first collection of minaudiere, 9 O'Clock Tales. Alessia, with her expertise in vintage costumes, created an elegant and alluring style for the campaign shoot. Here, ViTRINE chats with Alessia to know more about her creative pursuits and the famous Milanese intellectuals that inspired her. V: Going through your ‘portfolio’, you are an accessories designer, a specialist in vintage apparel, a stylist, and also an occasional event organizer promoting artisanal crafts. Of all your activities, which do you hold dearest to? A: I  am first and foremost a fashion and constume designer. Most of my other artistic pursuits are driven solely by my passion for art and fashion and my desire to share this V: Tell us more about your artistic collaboration with the late Alda Merini (A renowned Milanese poet) ? A: I knew the late Ms. Alda in 2005 in the Naviglio quartiere, when I worked in a showroom in the same area. We became very close friends, or partners-in-crime, if I may say that. During the period of our friendship, we collaborated together very often, her aphorism inspired many of the images I have created on my textiles, which were used in my collection of apparel. She was my muse and I still miss her alot. V: I observed a strong theatrical element in your creations, what inspires that? A: I started my work in fashion as a satorialist with an high-fashion atelier and also as a costumer at the London Royal Academy of Dance. That experience and my 19-years of training in classical dance influenced my theatrical aesthetics. V: Your styling for 72 Smalldive’s campaign for its minaudière collection, what was your stylistic vision and what was running through your mind then? A: When I saw the minaudiere collection, I immediately envision the perfect lady for the accessories: a well-mannered woman with good taste, contemporary in attitude and sleek in style. 5. In vintage apparel and accessories, there is often a very immediate and apparent human story factor for that fact that it was once owned by another person. As a fashion designer yourself, how do you think we can have that level of intimacy transmitted through fashion design nowadays? A: I believe that it is possible, through passion and dedication. When we are sincere and true to our creative pursuits, our works will reveal the true soul of the creation - and the emotion behind each creation. But this should also apply to the non-product aspects - the worksmanship, the product tag and even our business card, as these tiny details speak to the customer who is unfamiliar with the brand. To discover more about Alessia, you may visit her website

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