Alexa Curtis Recommends: Mimi's, Massachusetts

[caption id="attachment_1767" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Stay in trend without over splurging! Stay in trend without over splurging![/caption] How does one dress it up with a sensible budget...Alexa Curtis's recommended retail outlet is an address to take note of, when in Connecticut. This is my FAVORITE consignment store on the entire East Coast. Situated in a small upscale town in MA, on the border of CT, Mimi’s carries every designer imaginable, plus accessories, shoes, and more. I’ve snagged Italian leather loafers that retail at over $200 for $20, along with vintage Chanel pieces and assorted accessories. Plus, Mimi is the sweetest and most caring sales associate I’ve come across. She isn’t disruptive or unapproachable (nor is she the sales associate that won’t leave you alone), but she is there to give her very important opinion when needed.

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