Alexa Curtis Recommends: The Norwich Inn and Spa, Connecticut

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Regale treatment at Norwich Inn and Spa
Regale treatment at Norwich Inn and Spa[/caption] Alexa Curtis, 72 Smalldive guest blogger for the months of July and September 2013, revealed how she manages to get her little pampering when she is back in her hometown in Connecticut... My first visit to this spa last month will not be my last. In the middle of one of the not so nice parts of Connecticut is a spa fit for the queen. Attracting celebs from across the globe, this unique and individual spa is also a workout center, hotel, and everything else. An overnight stay is a relaxing getaway to the wilderness, with mostly women (and a few men) feasting at the delicious Kensington’s Restaurant for main meals (think food like fresh salmon atop a bed of greens, or butternut squash soup), taking fitness classes like yoga and pilates in the beautiful spa, as well as getting 50-90 minute massages, facials, and every other treatment.

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