Après moi, le déluge

Milan Après moi, le déluge ( after me, the flood), a phrase largely attributed to the King of France Louis XV (1710 - 1774), and at times Madame de Pompadour (1712 - 1764), have come to epitomise the psychology of those who asserts that nothing happens after their dissappearance matters to them.


le-deluge_parker1This expression may seem irreverent in the context of present chain of troubling events. As the world acknolwedges the winding down of hubristic culture of excess, the impetus for 72 Smalldive is to continue to expand the sense of skills, craftmanship and obsessive attention to detail through our sophomore bag collection Le Dèluge. The most difficult times can be the best time to affirm our vows and commitement to quality craftsmanship. As the tide rises, what do we take with us...a passing fad or a piece of craftmanship, shaped by humanity?

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