Are You Being Served?


[caption id="attachment_616" align="aligncenter" width="270" caption="Lugum: Set of disposable tableware by Kimming, Yap"][/caption]  

I have a phobia for buffet-style dinner party and I always have to de-sensitize myself into organizing one. The main reason, believe it or not, is that it is never easy to find well-made, practical, and refine party tableware that does justice to the food I prepare for my guests. (Manufacturers of party tableware assume that only fried food bought from the frozen section of Iceland is being served in buffet parties). Having taken a glance at Milan-based Kimming Yap’s LUGUM (which means “the right amount” in Swedish), I am assured that my days of panic may soon be over.

In Kimming’s own words “The increased use of disposable tableware is the result of the proliferation of fast food and fast life. Current disposable tableware imitates the functionality of genuine tableware but fails to provide the quality and pleasure of dining due to its poor interaction with the users. LUGUM is a set of disposable tableware designed to keep intact the values of the Slow Food movement and also to provide the quality and pleasure of dining by enhancing the physical interactions between user and ware”

LUGUM may be viewed at Milano Triennale’s ongoing exhibition “Un designer per le impresse” from July 1 to September 30. Questions to Kimming Yap may be sent to

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