Brutto Anatrocollo

  [gallery type="slideshow" ids="1840,1839,1838,1837,1836,1835,1834,1833"] Located in a residential quarters of Milan, Brutto Anatrocollo is a no-frill Italian trattoria that serves typical home cooked meals with a twist. Its odd opening hours (9:13 pm) and its no card and reservation policy could be challenging to the modern day traveller, but it is worth the trouble if you would like the experience of eating in an authentic trattoria in Milan. Whilst dishes are changed regularly, one must at least try the trattoria's favourite cotoletta milanese, bread veal chop and a variety of Italian vegetable side dishes. During the spring season, you may find a wider choice of fish dishes, such as our favourite Sword fish with pine nuts, raisins, and parmessan stuffing. Brutto Anatrocolo is located in Via Toricelli no. 9 and is open daily for lunch and dinner (except Mondays and whenever someone in their operation decides to take a break!)

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