Escher: Order within Chaos


“I was walking over a little bridge in the woods at Baarn, and there it was, right before my eyes. I simply had to make a print of it !”  Maurits Cornelis Escher

With over one hundred and fifty works, including some of his most famous masterpieces such as Hand with Reflecting Sphere (M.C. Escher Foundation), Day and Night (Bressanone, Giudiceandrea Collection), Another World II (Bressanone, Giudiceandrea Collection), Relativity (Bressanone, Giudiceandrea Collection), Chiostro del Bramante in Rome is hosting a significant exhibition devoted entirely to the works and insights of Dutch engraver and graphic artist Maurits Cornelis Escher.


The exhibition starts with an introduction to Escher's fascination with the beauty of Italian landscapes and how his keen perception in symmetry, order, and geometry over the Italian landscapes influenced his latter renowned graphic artworks. The talented artist was able to see the order and symmetry in natural and architectural landscape, from what could be seemingly 'chaotic' to the ordinary observer. Also interesting was the revelation of how Escher's insightful and detailed works spurred the interest of intellectuals from the field of crystallography and mathematics.

Escher's_Relativity (1)

Due to the small gallery space, I had to wait in line after my ticket purchase before I could view the artworks. The waiting process could have been managed more hospitably, however all discomfort was quicklty forgotten when I entered the gallery that hosted an extensive display of the Escher’s lithographs and woodcut prints. Child/Youth-friendly installations that explain the mathematical and scientific logic to Escher's mystical and enigmatic imagery are sporadically located within the exhibition space, providing the visitors a context and depth to Escher’s creations. It is an applaud-worthy effort by the organizers.

The exhibition runs until Feb 22, 2015, for ticketing information, visit Chiostro Del Bramante.  ViTRINE also recommends our readers to take a post-exhibition detour to view Raphael Sibyls Fresco, in Basilica Santa Maria, located just next to the Chiostro.

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