Fai La Cosa Giusta (Do the Right Thing)

Milan Fai La Cosa Giusta (Do the Right Thing) is an annual fair that features alternative solutions to a more sustainable lifestyle. The fair, which began as an intimate flea market many years ago, now boasts a wide range of subject matter on sustainable living. For a novice, the idea of leading a sustainable lifestyle may seem all too daunting, ViTRINE highlights some interesting organizations that offer practical solutions to help the busy and the un-initiated to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. Gruppo di Aquisto Solidale (GAS) is a non-profit association that is set up by a number of consumers to buy food and other commonly used goods directly from the producers at a discounted rate. The association purchasing decisions are based on sustainable guidelines such as ensuring lower carbon emission, supporting regional or local producers or producers from a marginalized community, and using eco-friendly products. The association is open to any consumer living in Italy. Visit www.retegas.org for more information. Bio Natural is a range of terracotta cookware handmade by artisan Ramon Garcia Casado. Ramon uses only purified clay free from toxic chemicals and glazes his pottery with sodium and calcium silicates. The products are free from lead, cadmium, or other heavy metals. These beautiful handmade pots are great alternatives to Teflon-free cooking and may be served directly from the stove to the dining table. Ramon’s casserole pot is the perfect gadget to prepare delicious wild mushroom stew with polenta. www.bio-natural.it Peace Reporter is a weekly online news service that reports on lives (and unfortunately deaths) of people living in countries in conflict. As an independent paper, the team aims to deliver their reports to the general public without political and ideological prejudices. It is hope that such efforts may inculcate a more inquisitive general public and quintessential factual reporting.

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