Fresh Egg Tagliatelle with Silver Beet Pesto

Image Got back late from work with a voracious craving for carb? Here's an unassuming pasta and veg combination that is earthy and yet exquisitely delish…Fresh egg tagliatelle tossed with silver beet pesto and zinged up with organic lemon zest. If you have a guest, he or she may think you have kidnapped a trattoria cook to prepare this seemingly sophisticated meal…But preparing it is easy, blend half portion of the parboil silverbeet into a pesto, and chop remaining into bite sized chunks. Add sea salt, extra virgin olive oil and a teeny drip of fresh lemon juice and toss into cooked pasta. Grate lemon zest onto dish before serving. PS. Big boys and girls with hypertension should go easy on silver beet…these leafy greens are rich in sodium!

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