Gracious Living Guide 22: Iris Apfel's Stylish Winning Ways

Iris Apfel 5 Attitudes to Style 04

Iris Apfel, the major fashion icon and interior designer, with her clothing and accessories line in collaboration with many major brands on the way, has recently teamed up with MAC to launch a new line of make-up. Unsurprisingly Iris's MAC collaboration offers her style admirers a sprightly make-up palette that matches strong pinks, geshemstone-green, scarlet, along with dark-grey, blues and orange.

At 90 over, Iris may seem an eccentric, with her outstanding feathered coats, colourful clothing pieces, and bright chunky necklaces, and her iconic but essential oversized glasses, but it was truly her upbeat attitude that defines the humane side of her style.

Iris Apfel 5 Attitudes to Style 03

In a recent interview with New York Times, Iris shared her thoughts on how bearing the right attitudes is the key to living that stylish life.

At Gracious Living Guide, we put down Iris Apfel's 5 golden winning ways attitude to keep

1. Be Grateful: Everything has a price- you don’t get anything for nothing. 2. Hands On! Style is attitude- it isn't what you do, it’s how you do it. 3. Express Yourself: A good design is self-expression. 4. Miss a Take: It’s good to have a few little mistakes- don’t plan. “Everything that’s important in my life has happened by accident; I don’t plan anything”. 5. Be Yourself: You can’t try to be something you’re not. Contributed by Isabel

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