Issue 02 Vol 7 February 2015


February, the coldest month of the year. If there’s anything that I look forward during this wintry month, it is a big bowl of bean stew. Living & Dining debunks the myth surrounding the preparation of bean stew and shares with our readers the many ways in which the versatile and humble be may be prepared. This is also the week which marks the closing of Chobi Mela International Festival of Photography in Dhaka. For readers who won't be in Dhaka anytime soon, Life Drawing will be showcasing a selection of the works exhibited at the festival, starting with Alexandra Serrano. The theme for Chobi Mela Festival this year is Intimacy, a rather appropriate theme for visitors to reflect on before they head home, just in time for Valentine. Readers with skeptical views about love and Valentine’s Day may be curious to know that love may be cultivated…through meaningful and engaging questions. If love is not your subject of interest, then perhaps an online course on Stoicism. Dame Vivienne Westwood protest style is impassioned, however her call for a more ecologically sustainable lifestyle  are actually based on of stoic principals. As we are in the midst of our FW2015-16 campaign, we would like our readers to know that you have now the opportunity to preview and pre-order the collection even before they hit the stores. Last but not least, we wish all our East and Central Asian readers a blessed Lunar New Year and everyone a Happy Saint Valentine's Day.


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