Issue 06 Vol 6

Issue 6 Vol 6 Jun 2014 copy

The World Cup takes the global center stage this month. With the beginning of the World Cup in Brazil, the national soccer teams are not the only ones competing for the trophy. Shakira and Pitbull are also facing each other for the title of the greatest hit to become the song associated with the tournament. ViTRINE's takes a step down memory lane to re-listen to the hits and misses of official theme songs of past World Cup tournaments. Lacking time for sleep and proper nutrition are two common effects during the World Cup season, in our Living and Dining segment, we have 4 recipes which are quick to prepare in between matches. Many may also have limited time to shop for new apparel for the forthcoming Hari Raya festival, ViTRINE Style offers some styling tips for men and women who would like to celebrate the event in accordance to tradition and style. Teamwork is crucial at the World Cup, Margaret Heffernan reasoned why encouraging good disagreement helps build better teams and organizations. Last but not least, writer and sage Maya Angelou left the world in late May this year. We would like to take the opportunity to celebrate her profound wisdom and liberating thoughts about living in a less complex world.


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