Issue 08 Vol 6

Issue 8 Vol 6 Jun 2014 copy

The summer of 2014 exploded with endless catastrophic news and many of these unfortunate incidents will continue to linger through the autumn months. To make a stand against violence and injustice, it is necessary that we do not shield ourselves from 'bad' news. Nonetheless we should not be inundated with information as to become blasé. We need to protect ourselves so that we may protect our world.

In this issue, ViTRINE celebrates humanity as a means to slowing down. While top seed players were vying for the US Open Tennis Championship title, we found an interview of Christ Evert and Martina Navrovtilova about their friendship and how it helps these professional rivalries through the thick and thin in life. Another well known pair of friends is Yves Saint Laurent and his muse Loulou de La Falaise, who is the subject of a new book by Ariel de Ravenel and Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni. ViTRINE Style celebrates her iconic images that defines the electrifying spirit she was known to be. On a lighter note, we whilst our free time away perusing and picking our 10 favourite videos of celebrities who took on the ice bucket challenge to raise funds and awareness for ALS. We also took the challenge from a culinary perspective, whipping up a cold pasta dish that is ideal for beginner raw food dieters. For street food aficionados, Trapizzino in Testaccio, Rome reopens with its space revamped and with a fantastic selection of supplì (Italian fried rice balls) and sandwich fillings that warrant an immediate visit. Also urging us to make a trip to Barcelona is StopTheRoc, an instagrammer who posts his photographs of unique residential, public, and office buildings the the Catalan region.

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