It is all in the Details! 9 O'Clock Tale

[gallery columns="1" type="slideshow" ids="1489,1488,1486,1487,1485"] Fashion is business and running a sustainable business is key. Sustainability in business also means giving to our customers products are made with sustainable choices and durability in mind. 9' Clock Tales is a travel collective designed with these considerations in mind. This is a collective of leather carriers that one may use for work, business and casual travel.  With a  streamlined aesthetic, practicality takes precedence over 'woah-effect'. 9 O'Clock leather carriers are thought for the modern lifestyle in mind: where work, play, and travel are divided thinly by a fine line...hence these accessories carry the versatility to flit from 1 location to another - by the office's hot desk, in an airport lounge, or thrown over a hotel bed. Presented in this gallery are the details taken in consideration when designing the quotidien document bag...from the bag metal accessories to the exuberant brick red interior. These details are chosen in hope that owner will develop a lasting 'relationship' with the bag, an unassuming confidant that accompanies user in the his or her journey. 9 O'clock Tale will soon be available at . You may also pre-order them by reaching out to us at PS: The collection will be on showcase at Blueprint Trade Show in May 16-17, 2013, Singapore. If you are in that part of the town and would like to experience first hand the products, reachout to us at

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