Kyoto: Soul Food

In Kyoto the motto to serve good quality food and dispense impeccable hospitality is highly regarded. It is hard to find fault with the food nor the service in eateries be it a ramen shop, kaiseki restaurant or a café. 72 Smalldive lists 3 delightful food stops to nourish yourself whilst bidding your time in this charming and elegant city.

Ajiro Listed in the Michelin Guide with 1 star, Ajiro serves Shojin-ryori. Once seted, you will be served with sake and then followed by various small portions of dishes: We were led to seventh heaven by Ajiro’s exquisite peanut cream tofu, yuba parcel filled with morels, gingko, and lotus nuts, and ginger flavoured bamboo shoots. Ajiro is located next to the south gate of Myoshinji Zen Temple and reservation is required. We also recommend a visit to Ryonaji Temple’s zen garden after the divine meal. 28-3 TeranomaemAchi, Hanazono, Ukyo-ku Phone 81 075 4624673 Ebisen is a family run restaurant tucked in a small lane in the Gionmachi quartier. Ebisen serves kiaseki ryori, a simple multi-course traditional meal using seasonal ingredients. The cosy ambience, amicable Mrs Shimojo (a polyglot!), and their use of heart-shaped radish leaves & shiso blossoms as both garnish and condiment warmed our heart! The restaurant has a good selection of sake too! Post-meal, asked Mrs Shijomo for directions, by foot, to the Shirakawa area from their restaurant; a walk that will leave you totally mesmerised by this elegant city. Gionmachi Kitagawa 282-6 Phone 81 075 881 9692 Iyemon Salon ,located at Karasuma Sanjo, is a modern take on the Japanese tea house. Iyemon Salon serves both traditional matcha,  nouveau tea-inspired cocktails and soul-assuaging Gohan. We are charmed by Iyemon’s macha soda that comes in adorned with a yellow iris blossom.

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