Little Dresses for Africa


Little Dresses for Africa (LDFA) was founded by Rachel O’Neill in 2008. This Christian organization's mission is to provide relief to children throughout the Continent of Africa and beyond. The network of volunteers has grown from all 50 US States, in across the world in countries such as Australia, Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom, and even Singapore. Volunteers collaborate together to make dresses out of pillow cases for children living in Africa.

According to the charity organization, widespread AIDS pandemic in Africa often leave little girls to be the primary care givers of their young siblings. LDFA hopes that in delivering dresses to these young girls, part of their burden as care givers may be lifted off the children.


An unique aspect of the organization donated dresses is that they are made from pillow cases.  LFDA's reason for using pillow-cases is well thought from a design perspective. They are readily available, the hem is already in the material, and therefore even a novice seamstress can participate in the project.

Besides making dresses and shorts for the children, there are many other ways which individual may help. You may donate pillowcases or material, sewing supplies, elastic or double bias tape.  You can also send small and medium size vacuum pack bags for easy distribution or donate financially to the sewing projects. In November, 72 Smalldive will give away a small batch of our fabric tote bags for the children schooling needs to LFDA's Italian counterpart in Livorno. To find out how you may assist, visit their website for more information

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