Makr Shakr Make Me Drink

Makr Shakr

The ViTRINE team was treated to a cocktail prepared by a rather special barista during their visit to Expo Milano: a robot. Makr Shakr is, as claimed by the design company Carlo Ratti Associati, the first robotic bar – capable of mixing, shaking and serving more than 100 cocktail recipes, as well as the variants suggested by consumers via a custom-designed app.

Makr Shakr is up and running in Piazza Italia at the Expo venue, where all visitors over 18 years of age can order a cocktail by downloading the app and scrolling through the list of cocktails, or entering their own recipe, and moving their smartphone near the optical reader.
“The system is composed of two of the industrial robots traditionally used for food – explained Ratti. For robot-phobes who fear the day when robots rule the world (and your much needed tipple) rest assured that Makr Shakr comes with a safety system which halts the robot when proximity to a human being is too close for comfort. For bar-hoppers who are single and would like a little trifle with their baristas, Makr Shakr could be a mood damper. I personally feel that this project could be turned up a notch with age-identification (iris-scan?) and breathalyser biometric apps to perhaps keep under-aged or unruly binge drinkers from having one too many a drink. ViTRINE is a slow-lifestyle monthly published by slow-fashion accessory label 72 Smalldive. The monthly blog reports on lifestyle matters and events related to the label’s philosophy of slow living. The blog also endeavors to support (and report on) independent creatives and events that are in tune with our readers’ aspired lifestyle. For content, advertorial, and collaborative matters, please fill up our inquiry form.

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