Milan: Bistrot Centrale

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="1603,1600,1602,1599,1601,1604,1605,1606,1607"] Many Italians would warn you not to eat from a 'Tavolo Caldo' (eatery that servs pre-cooked food) and would be outrageously scandalized to even have a meal at train stations. Bistrot Centrale, a new eatary, in Milan's Central Station is about to change all Italians and travelers' notions about finding good decent food at Italian train stations. Once a waiting area for travelers, it is now adorned with dim-lighting and simple communal tables. The 'bistro' offers a wide range of food options from Italian paninis, cured salames, to even fresh egg pasta cooked in a selection sauces to choose from. It also offers a wide array of brioches and pastries with delicate and fragrant coffee made from cuccuma (a coffee making pot originated from Naples). The best part of it - the prices are extremely accessible for the quality of food served. All in all, we are glad that Bistrot Centrale in Milan Central Station is setting an example to all other train stations in Italy. For the travelers that stop over at Milan, they needn't succumb to soggy insipid sliced pizzas at rip-off prices anymore; not if Bistrot Centrale stays open.

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