New 72 Smalldive Stockists

[caption id="attachment_154" align="aligncenter" width="270"]La Maison Bleue, Place des Petit Peres Paris La Maison Bleue, Place des Petit Peres Paris[/caption] Selected 72 Smalldive products are now available at 3 more delightful shops in Asia and Europe. 01 Maison Bleue, Paris A salon de coiffeur upstairs and a retail space downstairs, owner Laurent Bourret surely knows the heart to the well-heeled shopper! 02 Shopwindoz, Berlin Stocking a wide range of limited-edition products from independent designers, Shopwindoz's ware is anything but mainstream 03 Wefew, Singapore This web-store is Autumn Gehring's bold venture in bringing high quality designer products to Singapore.

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