Post Cards from the Edge - A Journey to Intimacy

[slideshow] From July 5 to 7, 72 Smalldive will present its SS13 collection at Fier Management Showroom during Berlin Fashion Week. The theme for the collection is ' A Journey toward Intimacy' and along with this theme, 72 Smalldive will hold a contest for all visitors to the showroom. Dates and Venue Date: 5-7 July 2012 Time: 11am - 7pm Venue: Fier Management Showroom Address: The Wye, Skalitzer Strasse 86, Berlin Contest Rules
  • Visitor and his/her BFF stands a chance to win a handmade Italian felt wool document clutch each
  • To participate, visitor just have to choose of one 72 Smalldive's postcards at the showroom and send it to a BFF
  • The participant has to submit two photo images: - First an image of the postcard from the sender's location - Secondly, with the help of his or her BFF, another image of the postcard taken from the recipient's location
  • Submit both images to with the title 'A Journey toward Intimacy'
  • Participant must grant 72 Smalldive the permission to upload the images on the label's website, newsletters, and social networks
  • Participant with the images that best represent the journey of the postcard, along with the theme 'Journey toward Intimacy' will be the winner (Be creative! Be real!)
  • Last submission 15 August 2012
  • Winners will be announced on 30th August 2012 via the following channels: - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram 72Smalldive
Notes: 1. Only 1 entry per participant 2. Images with nudity or any sensitive and controversial subject matter will immediately be disqualified

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