Rock the Casbah

Berlin / Milan

Rock the Casbah_Ring

Rock the Casbah_Earrings

Rock the Casbah_Pendant

Inspired by the principals of architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, 72 Smalldive designers and artisans took the challenge to enlist a minimal selection of elements to create a contemporary jewellery line of extreme simplicity. Using only sea pebbles and gold (95K), “Rock the Casbah” is also a collection that is based on a singular aesthetic; the same form is used to serve multiple functions in this jewellery collection. Notwithstanding the standardized aesthetic form, the unique nature of each item is maintained by leaving the natural form almost untouched and further aided by our artisans’ hand crafting each and every individual pieces. Through this experimental reductive approach, 72 Smalldive hopes that wearer’s eyes are freed from the excessive distractions often found in haute-jewellery nowadays and thereby opening up the door for a deeper and meaningful rapport between owner and object.

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