Rohn Meijer

[caption id="attachment_588" align="aligncenter" width="475"]A Rosy Outlook A Rosy Outlook[/caption] USA/The Netherlands/Italy I was introduced to Rohn 5 years ago and we have been ‘infrequently’ good friends (due to our extensive absence in Milan)...and when we do meet, there is always his laughter, a story or two from his latest adventure in an exotic country, and a good old Rodgers & Hammerstein tune. I know Rohn as the coolest, no-drama fashion photographer with a healthy sense of humour and a positive outlook in life, but our busy lives kept me from knowing his inner I have decided find out more through a photo-interview, I ask and he shoots... Interviewer: Szetiong, Soh Rohn Meijer is a Milan-based photographer and 2 of his exhibitions are running concurrently in Eduard Planting, Amsterdam and PBJ Gallery, Atlanta. For more information, please visit Nothing seems to hold you down, you are sprightly and positive 27(Yes!)/7...what keeps you positively motivated?

In your opinion, what is this thing called Love?

How do you cope with pain, uncertainty, and disappointment?

Your wish for the world is...

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