Royal Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and since we are on the subject of museum visits, we thought why not let (European) history's most evil personalities convince you, in our simulated interview, to ditch those tacky costumes and wigs and incarnate these royal posh killers into your freak-makeover. We asked these personalities to explain in a quick paragraph why we should dress up as them for the Halloween and how is their evil doing relevant to the complicated wicked world we live in...

Henry VIIIKing Henry VIII During the 38 years in power, I beheaded over 100 thousands of people and amongst them were a couple of my wives. In this modern day, I would be the multi-hyphenate evil doer with a posh English accent...when does the face of evil ever exude such royal pomp?

Isabella-I-of-CastileIsabella de Castille It was me that put the finishing touch to Reconquista, forcefully converting Muslims and Jews into Christianity. No other person could cause that much geopolitical instability, not even Dick Cheney. I also raised the funds needed for Christopher Columbus to wreck more havoc to the New World! 


Pope Alexander VI Incest, polygamy, murder, psychological name it, I have done it! Imagine in your modern day, a mega-church leader who is frightfully influential and charismatic and who is not only capable of siphoning away your hard earned money but also capable of having you disposed off by not only myself but also by my next of kin. If that isn't evil, you have not been to hell....

Queen Mary I of England

Queen Mary I of England Although I killed only 300 people during my reign, and that is utterly dismal in comparison to my father Henry VIII, I was conferred the title of Bloody Mary, not because I was a genial companion at your cocktail party. I kill on ideological grounds and gave Christian Protestants something to protest about...Labille-Guiard_Robespierre

Maximilien de Robespierre It is incomprehensible that I went down in history as one of the evil leaders. Idi Amin would agree with me, if you cannot convince your detractors to agree with you, you kill them, swiftly and painlessly though...Anyway I do enjoy a moment of limelight or recognition, if you have to dress up as me...I would say why not. It is about time people stop dolling up as the annoying Marie Antoinette for Halloween!

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