Sante's Record Stores Tour

[caption id="attachment_1750" align="aligncenter" width="588"]Sante at the courtyard of a vinyl record store in Varese Sante at the courtyard of a vinyl record store in Varese[/caption] Whilst on a short weekend trip to Varese, a little town up north of Milan, we stumbled upon Sante's presentation of his newly written song. Sante is an independent singer-song writer and is moving from record stores to record stores on his own, singing tracks from his new album. This performer is social media savvy as well. Rather than using the opportunity to sell his albums, Sante also request his audience to give a token for his performance in the form of a 'Like' on his fan page. In addition to that, audience are encouraged to download one of his track for free via his website. It won't be long when more independent singers may head down the road tour using the social media platform as as a marketing tool rather than as the sole portal for exposure. You may find out where Sante will head to next via his website   Image source: Sante's Facebook Fanpage

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