Sprucing Up Retail Space During Slow Times

Global Don’t let the slow economy get you down, use this period to spruce up your retail space instead. Here are some of our simple ideas to ensure a warm and welcoming retail haven for your customers: Positive Mindset: Your mental outlook will flow onto your staff and to the sales floor. Keeping a positive outlook is key to keep staff from looking bored, aloof, and unwelcoming. New customers are especially sensitive to spatial emotions projected by your staff. Remember positive emotions = charmed customers = more trust = more sales! Be Inclusive & Yet Exclusive: Make a walk-in customer feel that he/she can be included into your exclusive retail pad. Take time to inform customers of products that are unknown to them (sans condescension) and you shall win a valuable member to your aspired vente privèe Snoop Time: During low traffic, set time to visit neighbouring stores. It always pay to learn from others what makes their customers tick. Be Open: Take a break to listen to your staff, customers, and even suppliers’ for ideas that may help make your retail space unique & inspiring.

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