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Issue 10 Vol 6

Contrary to Andy William's Christmas tune, December may just well be the most stressful time of the year. Gift shopping, juggling company and personal dinner parties, nagging thoughts about not reaching one's goals; all these and many other issues could easily dampen our mood...only if we let them. In this December issue we highlight some news-worthy articles on food in our Living and Dining segment, 10 interesting TED videos, and talks that should not be missed,  as part of our countdown to 2015. We hope that these resources may help you start 2015 with the right mindset in taking a slower and more reflective pace of life. But before planning too far ahead into the future, let's enjoy our last weeks of 2014 with our loved ones...

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Looking Back and Moving Forward 2013-2014: Best Cooking Video

There has never been a lack of cooking shows and reality TV programmes related to the subject of cooking. However this heart warming short beats even our favourite celebrity TV food goddess Nigella Lawson. We vote this short as the BEST COOKING VIDEO of 2013.Marcella's lightheartedness reminded me of why I love to loiter in my mother-in-law's kitchen whenever I am in Rome...there is always something to learn from the 'simple' but absolutely delicious dishes she prepared for my partner and I. You may watch the video and learn some tips to true Italian cooking at Remembering Marcella in New York Times Dining & Wine section. 

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