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Issue 03 Vol 7 March 2015

Spring is here and with it comes physical awakening. This season is our opportunity to begin again, putting our resolutions into action. I always felt that this is a season which allows me the opportunity to reflect and update my emotional and spiritual profile, so that I am ready to learn, to enjoy new experiences and to take on new possibilities.

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Thoughtful Corporate Gifts

Branding with Gifting In the millennial and social media age, how you feel and what you think speaks louder than what you possess. Corporate branding is also making a paradigm shift to reflect greater social responsibility and humane sensibility. Giving corporate gifts is no different from giving a personal gift. A lack of personal touch may render, no matter how valuable the gift item is, meaningless. Singapore Fashion Label with A Twist In 2015, 72 Smalldive launches a corporate gift catalogue, comprising a list of handmade leather sundry articles appropriate for that special client / employee appreciation moment. These simple and clean line accessories handmade in artisanal workshop in Italy and their rich provenance would certainly leave a meaningful and sentimental...

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