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Are You Being Served?

Milan/Singapore [caption id="attachment_616" align="aligncenter" width="270" caption="Lugum: Set of disposable tableware by Kimming, Yap"][/caption]   I have a phobia for buffet-style dinner party and I always have to de-sensitize myself into organizing one. The main reason, believe it or not, is that it is never easy to find well-made, practical, and refine party tableware that does justice to the food I prepare for my guests. (Manufacturers of party tableware assume that only fried food bought from the frozen section of Iceland is being served in buffet parties). Having taken a glance at Milan-based Kimming Yap’s LUGUM (which means “the right amount” in Swedish), I am assured that my days of panic may soon be over. In Kimming’s own words “The increased...

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