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This is Home Afterall...

  It is often easy to take for granted things we have readily at hand. Singapore is the country of our creative director's origin and it holds a special place in his and the label's hearts. Although Singapore is a small city state, the country's progress and achievement are notable and yet immeasurable. At the mention of Singapore, many would immediately associate the name with the nation's sky scrapper skyline, futuristic gardens, and economic progress. Little mentioned is the pool of creative talents in the fashion industry. As citizens would easily take for granted the wealth of privileges that come with a Singapore birthright, it is also easy to take for the nation to take for granted the enrichment of the its social fabric that...

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Mode Agentur

However the briefcase is one of the best carrier option if you have both documents and a light laptop to tote along with at your business meetings. Carried or clutched, it leaves with the female owner a modern style statement with a twist of classic reference.

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