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Giuseppe Vaccaro

Continuing with our 'Behind the Scene' series of interviews, ViTRINE spoke to Giuseppe Vaccaro, the photographer and videographer of 72 Smalldive campaign images for 2014 collection. Giuseppe is the other half of the creative duo that established CommonUnCommon, an independent alternative media and communication agency based in Milan. What sets Giuseppe apart from many fashion photographers was his ability to capture and portray the intimate moments in images, a factor that is severely rare in the realm of fashion photography. ViTRINE had a heart-to-heart conversation with this genius and finds out what inspires his visuals. V: When did you realize that you have that special knack in photography? GV: My interest in photography began as early as when I was 3 years...

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Ivano Mansueto

In a series of interviews in conjunction with Behind the Scene, ViTRINE talks to the various key persons that help construct the label's luscious campaign images for 2014 Ivano Mansueto is the other half-frontman of CommonUncommon, a creative agency based in Milan. This year 72 Smalldive had the great opportunity to collaborate with the agency for its 2014 campaign images. What strikes out label about CommonUncommon is their fresh and yet intimate approach in constructing a coherent and real story for 72 Smalldive line of products. V: You have played various roles in the creative field, which role endears to you most? IM:  I've asked myself the same conflicting question since I started working in this field. I think what I...

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