The Story of M

72 Smalldive The Making of a Minaudière At 72 Smalldive, every product carries a story close to our hearts. This May, as our SS14 collection of minaudière are delivered to stores around the world, we would like to take the opportunity to share this unique story of our pièce de résistance presented only a year ago at Blueprint Trade Show Singapore and has since taken flight reaching many countries and mentioned in many fashion publications. 72 Smalldive Minaudière and Swarovski

The collection was reinvented from the label's very first (award winning) leather clutch. The collection was shown alongside 11 other brands at #BlueprintSg in a joint collaboration with Swarovski Elements last year. The minuadière collection was a complementary accessory designed for the travel capsule. It was hoped that women business travelers would have a fuss free and compact clutch which they could pack into their travel luggage. More importantly the minimal clutch should not lack the red-carpet or glam appeal of an evening accessory but is nether too ostentatious either. 


The Nine O'Clock Tale Minaudière aspire to be more than just a practical but beautiful accessory for the career women. It aspire to help women to gain better opportunities in life though a non-profit collaboration with Hasana Inc. Hasana Inc is a non profit retail operation whereby proceeds of its products goes to fund scholarship for higher education for women living in underserved communities. Hasana Inc is based in Chicago.


The first collection of 9 O'Clock Tales Minaudière takes inspiration from sartorial charm of men's suits. Tweed, tartan, and Prince of Wales Tweed were laminated in hard acrylic molded in a faceted crystal form and embellished with Swarovski irregular crystal elements. It is aesthetic formed with many juxtaposing textures and materials. Due to this, these accessories never failed to stopped trade visitors to take a second look.

72 Smalldive Minaudière Press CoverageSince its presentation, 72 Smalldive minaudière collection continues to attract attention from fashion publications. Recently the clutch was also used for styling in an Italian film production. Watch this space as the Story of M continues...

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