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Branding with Gifting

In the millennial and social media age, how you feel and what you think speaks louder than what you possess. Corporate branding is also making a paradigm shift to reflect greater social responsibility and humane sensibility. Giving corporate gifts is no different from giving a personal gift. A lack of personal touch may render, no matter how valuable the gift item is, meaningless.

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Singapore Fashion Label with A Twist

In 2015, 72 Smalldive launches a corporate gift catalogue, comprising a list of handmade leather sundry articles appropriate for that special client / employee appreciation moment. These simple and clean line accessories handmade in artisanal workshop in Italy and their rich provenance would certainly leave a meaningful and sentimental impression to the recipient. The elegance of these accessories lies in their simplicity, a character often sought for when presenting corporate gifts to avoid display of extravagance.

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Included in this corporate gift catalogue are men's and women's leather wallets, belts, and various business or bank cardholders. Full grain leather in grained, saffiano, or buffed leather are available for your picking. Companies may also customize gift items in colors of their choice.

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Get Your Discount or Donate to a Charity

To ensure we respond to your corporate gifts request on time and with extra care, we are throwing a 10% discount for early orders and another 5% discount for orders from Singapore companies as a gesture of thank you for supporting a small local business such as 72 Smalldive. Alternatively, you may wish to donate that discount to a charity of your choice!  Enquire about our coporate gifting solutions now!

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