World Cup Hits: Fun tunes vs Wrench Hits

World Cup Pitt Bull and Jlo The World Cup is here! You may already have heard the latest world cup hit tune way too often! World Cup mascot and theme songs have ranged from tacky to emotional wrenching tackiness. It make us wonders if the tune pickers have underestimate the lyrical tastes of football/soccer fans. Our editorial team have picked some old tunes for a re-listen. Have tunes gotten any better? You tell us! Italian Mush [embed][/embed] The Italian may be apt in preparing their pasta and salad with simple but flavourful ingredients, but when it comes to composing a hit song, overdone is the word. Waka La La [embed][/embed] A . Shakira has a penchant for lyrics ending with 'a'. Who would have thought that a Britney look alike could boast having two two hit tunes picked for the World Cup. You could say she is a veteran of world cup hit tunes! Uno, dos, tres...Ricky is the best! [embed][/embed] Our sub-header says it all! Move over Shakira, Ricky's hips don't lie Let's Get Together  [embed][/embed] A lovely jazzy tune performed by Japanese and Korean pop singers for World Cup 2002. This delicate hit probably lacks the impact needed to capture the attention of rowdy beer drinking patriots... Is Pit Bull's the one?  [embed][/embed] We love JLo and we understand that Pitt Bull is a demographic magnet for the Latin America audience...but somehow the music does not seem to evoke that passion of sweat, glory, and Brazil! Will this year's tune be the best tune of the decade?

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