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The fashion industry is at a moral crossroad; it can remain oblivious to the surge of social awakening across the globe or it can participate in the cultural conversation and use its influence to support positive social and environmental causes. As a slow fashion label, 72 Smalldive is aware of that change has to come from the bottom up and brands should take the lead on making social and environment responsibilities. The label hopes to raise awareness of the important works of non-profit organizations and also to support a pluralistic academic environment in Singapore through these marketing collaborations   


Since September 2019, the label has pledged a 3% net online sales contribution each to Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) and The T Project Singapore. 


Down Syndrome Association (Singapore)

Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) is a primarily self-funded social service agency with IPC status dedicated to serving the needs of persons with Down syndrome and their families. The Association’s mission is to develop individuals with Down syndrome through lifelong learning and social integration; support families through specialist services, information and education; and advocate for equal opportunities, quality of life and their contributions to society.

3% of the net sales from our online store will be contributed to the association with effect from Sep 2019. To reach out or to discover association's work and activities, you may visit the association's website  You may also make a contribution via their fund-raising portal


The T Project

The T Project is the first and only trans-focused community service in Singapore. Founded by June Chua and her late sister, Alicia, which offers a homeless shelter and a trans-focused drop-in centre, the Alicia Community Centre, for the public.

The shelter provides a safe haven for the homeless in the community while they seek employment, healthcare, and more permanent accommodations.

Working with hospitals, social workers, and government organizations, the team at T Project work to support better services and care for the transgender community. At the Alicia Community Centre, transgender individuals are provided peer counselling as well as other programs to promote better understanding of the community. In addition to the above, the organization also provides the transgender community and the public with trans focused information, ranging from sexual health to employment resources.

3% of the net sales from our online store will be contributed to the association with effect from Sep 2019 to Dec 2020. To reach out or to discover association's work and activities, please visit the association's website  You may also make a contribution via their fund-raising portal 



72 Smalldive Graduation Package

A $38 gift voucher is intended to help ease fresh graduates financial burden in starting their work life when shopping work-wear apparel for their job interviews and or their new jobs. Students graduating from our partnering academic institutions may refer to their Alumni or student care associations for further information. 


SIM Alumni
SIM GE Alumni

The SIM Global Education Alumni Engagement is committed to broaden and deepen alumni linkages to cultivate mentorship, internship and employment opportunities through establishment of local and overseas networks.

Upon graduation, graduates are automatically part of our global alumni and membership is free for life! SIM GE graduates can look forward to tapping into career support initiatives and partake in exclusive networking events, workshops and reunions to develop professional and expand their network. As a graduate, you can access the lifestyle privileges offered by partner merchants as well. 


Nanyang Technological University Alumni

You may discover more information about NTU and its Alumni activities via the campus webpage