72 Smalldive corporate gift service enables customers to place orders for corporate gifts. The service may be accessed by simply clicking on the main menu Corporate Gifts

The following is a step by step guide to enjoying this special service with ease 

Step 1: View products which are available for custom order
We update our list of products that are available for custom order regularly. To discover which accessories are available for custom order, click on Corporate Gifts from the main menu.
Step 2: Access product information
To view images and information, click, as you would with ready-to-purchase products, on the item of your interest- That will lead you to the individual product page.

Step 3: View options for orders
The product images of bespoke items are arranged in the following order:

  • Actual product photos (front, side, 3/4 views) in a specific color 
  • Followed by, if available, product images of the same item in another color 

Scroll down (Desktop mode) or swipe to the left to view the product images and color swatches

One may also view the color swatch by clicking on the button Color Chart. Each color chart is labelled according to the leather type. View only the color chart of the leather type indicated on the product page.

Step 4: Placing your order
To place an order for your item of interest, select the color variant of the product item and select "Add to Cart". For security reasons, all orders above US$5000 must be made via an email request. 

Step 5: Reviewing the placed order 
Apart from an order confirmation, you will also receive from 72 Smalldive Corporate Gift Sales Unit a product specification document detailing your order.
We require that document to be signed by approved company purchaser and/or dated with a company stamp.


What is the delivery time for corporate gift orders?
The lead time for a custom order product during non peak periods is 2 months, from the 4th day after a copy of the signed order confirmation is received by us and when full payment or stipulated deposit is received by us, whichever date is later. We do not fulfil corporate gift orders without the order confirmation form and the full/deposit payment, During peak production months July-November, the delivery lead time is 3 months from the day the confirmation is signed and payment is made. 

Why must I sign the order confirmation form when payment is already made?
As this is a bulk order transaction, the order confirmation ensures that buyer has reviewed the product specification of the purchased item and all logistic information. It also ensures that the order has been approved by a legitimate company personnel. 

How may I change the order after having made payment?
You may request for a change to you order by directly communicating with your sales liaison at 72 Smalldive or via and via our website's contact form.

When can I make a change request?
Change request must be submitted

  • Any day before the submission of the signed order confirmation form
  • 3 Days after signed order confirmation form is submitted

How accurate is the color swatch shown on the website?
As with ready to purchase products, shades and hue of products listed on website may have slight variation due to the lighting used during the photo shoot. Color swatches may vary in brightness and saturation but not the hue. Thus a color represented from the swatch would not differ significantly from the actual product color. 

How may I cancel the order?
Cancellation request must be submitted

  • Any day before the submission of the signed order confirmation form 
  • 3 Days after signed order confirmation form is submitted

Payment refund, excluding bank transfer fees charges, will be administered to any cancellation within the above stipulated times.

Is the custom-ordered item returnable or exchangeable?
For products from corporate gift orders, 72 Smalldive ensures that non-defective products are delivered to the customer. Products are non-returnable nor exchangeable.

Customized product may be returned or exchanged, and refunded in the following cases:

  • Customized product differs from the order specification or any subsequent changed order specification
  • Product has been delivered with manufacturing fault. 
  • Product is damaged, due to manufacturing fault, within 6 months of usage.

Our gift exchange policy does not apply to corporate gifts.