72 Smalldive Bespoke Service

72 Smalldive Pink Cross Body Bucket Tote


 As a slow fashion label, accepting orders for customization is a way for us to help customers, like you, to buy what you specifically need or are seeking. It is also for us to minimize inventory surplus.  

When you choose to customize a bag from our bespoke service, a 72 Smalldive online store concierge is available to provide you step by step guidance in completing your purchase. There is no rush in completing your purchase, hence lesser risk of impulse buying and less throwaways! 


In fall 2020, before placing your bespoke order, you may now schedule a live meeting through APPOINTMENTS with our online store concierge, who will be pleased to guide you with tips and suggestions in picking a bag that complements your wardrobe. You may also invite up to 3 friends for the meeting and enjoy a group discount for a group purchase! 


The following is a step by step guide to enjoy our offered bespoke service with ease 

Step 1: View products which are available for custom order
We update our list of products that are available for custom order regularly. To discover which accessories are available for custom order, click on Bespoke from the Shop menu. All styles listed on that page are available for custom order

Step 2: Access product information
To view images and information, click, as you would with ready-to-purchase products, on the item of your interest to the individual product page

Step 3: View available choices for customization
The product images of bespoke items are arranged in the following order:

  • Actual product photos (front, side, 3/4 views) in a specific color 
  • Followed by, if available, product images of the same item in another color 
  • Followed by individual color swatch 

Scroll down (Desktop mode) or swipe to the left to view the product images and color swatches
One may also view the color swatch by clicking on the color variants listed above the product description. When a color variant is selected, a color swatch or the front view of the product in that selected color will appear on the left side of the product page.

Step 4: Placing your order
To place an order for your item of interest, select the color variant of the product item and select "Add to Cart" 

Step 5: Special request 
If you have a specific request, add your request in the note box. You can also add a question that you want clarification on. 

Step 6: Order completion
Once you have completed and paid for the order, we will send a product specification document detailing your order. The order will not be processed until our store concierge have received a confirmation of the order specification. During this time, you can make changes or add requests to the order. But do note that non-standard requests such as modification of style and request for materials other than those available may be applied with additional charges. 

Step 7: Wait for your surprise!
Once you have passed all the above steps, you just have to wait for your surprise!



Shopping is a lot more fun when done in the company of friends. For this very reason, we encourage our customers to consider placing bespoke orders as a group. When 4 or more bespoke orders are consolidated as a single purchase with a single delivery address, we will take away 10% off the total purchase amount.



 If you like to make your group purchase even more meaningful, we encourage you to pass on the 10% discount savings to charities we support or a charity of your preference. Complete you purchases in a group and leave us a note to pass-on the discount savings to the charity of your choice!     


What is the delivery time for a custom order product?

The lead time for a custom order product to be completed is approximately 8-9 weeks for a bags and clutches and 8 weeks for small leather goods such as wallets and belts from the confirmation date. If product order underwent a change request, the delivery time may be extended. 

How may I change the order after having made payment?

An order may be changed by communicating to 72 Smalldive via the website's inquiry form

How accurate is the color swatch shown on the website?

As with ready to purchase products, shades and hue of products listed on website may have slight variation due to screen resolution. Color swatches may vary in brightness and saturation but not in hue. Thus a color represented from the swatch would not differ significantly from the actual product color. 

How may I cancel the order?

Cancellation of product order is similar to ready-to-order purchases. Cancellation of order must be communicated to 72 Smalldive via website's inquiry form before product specification form is approved. 

Is the custom-ordered item returnable or exchangeable?

72 Smalldive ensures a non-defective product is delivered to the customer. Products are non-returnable nor exchangeable if undamaged.
Customized product may be returned or exchanged, and refunded in the following cases:

  • Customized product differs from the order specification or any subsequent changed order specification
  • Product has been delivered with with manufacturing fault. 
  • Product is damaged, due to manufacturing fault, within 6 months of usage.


Do you accept Gift returns?

If customized order is a gift purchase, it may be returned at 50% of the actual purchase price of the product. The gift item may be exchanged with any store items, at the reduced returned value or less, from our store during the time of exchange.
The product must be shipped back to our listed address before exchange could be processed. Gift returns must be shipped back unused, without defects, and with all labels still attached. Returns that do not meet our policy will be accepted. Gift purchases cannot be exchanged with a new custom-order product.