Our Ethos


72 Smalldive Folio Product Still

Taking time to seek out ethical suppliers, staying transparent on products’ origins, supporting traditional craftsmanship, and contributing to social causes are some of our practices as a slow fashion advocate. As a slow fashion label we aspire to make less but with better quality production, and we contemplate on how to build a better relationship between the makers and customers of our goods. How does this lofty statement translate into our daily business decisions? Read on and find out...



Full grain and top-grain leather tanned with water-based dyes are our leather grade choices used for all our products, simply because we want our products to grow with their owners seasons after seasons. The lifespan of a leather product made with full grain or top grain leather is known to be at least 2 to 3 times longer than a product made with split leather. The price premium you pay for our items are not only for its quality but also an investment to our environment by incurring less throwaways. 



Apart from leather, we also take extra care in our selection of other materials used in our production. For instance we opt to use, for our belt lining, Nubuck leather for its strength and structure. Solid brass instead of hollowed-centered aluminium alloys are our preferred choice for metal accessories. All cotton lining used in our bags are coated with natural resin to prevent fray and tear. Every choice matters. 



Our pledge to slow fashion also means we don't allow short cuts. Leather milling and skiving ensures edges are thinned so that the pieces may be sewn securely. Milled leather pieces also make products lighter. Pipping and lacquering are additional finishing steps to enhance durability and product aesthetics. Each step, unbeknownst to the shopper, is a time consuming process. 



Fashion should be joy-inspiring. For this reason, we make sure we visit our partners operation sites regularly. It is our utmost desire that our business partners embrace not only positive business traits but also human resource ethos that we believe and uphold: treating their staff and co-workers respectfully and humanely, and ensuring a emotionally healthy and safe workplace for all collaborators. 


It takes a community to construct a positive social movement. Our slow fashion pledge is not a marketing jargon. We believe that by leading in example, our customers will embrace similar aspirations and exact similar principles from other product and service providers. We want our customers to become empowered change agents in the retail sector; if you have other ideas that you would like to share with us, leave us a note in our contact form.