72 Smalldive Wholesale Orders

Challenges faced by fashion merchandisers are aplenty thus we believe in offering every little help. Whether it is by honoring smaller order quantities, providing regular product and staff training to our stockists, or offering special payment terms with 3rd party partners. we are committed to go that extra mile for you. To discover ways you could build a value-driven partnership with us, share with us a bit more about your business by completing the form below. 

72 Smalldive Wholesale Small Leather Goods

For Stores in North America and Europe

If you have a store located in the following countries:

  • North America: Canada, USA
  • Europe: United Kingdom, France, Italy
and are interested in selling or distributing 72 Smalldive products, we are pleased to inform you that we've partnered with FAIRE to enable you to place wholesale orders online! Through FAIRE you may enjoy:
  • Net 60 terms on all orders for brick & mortar stores at 0% Commission
  • Free returns on your first order
  • Limited time : $100 of credit for our line when you sign up if it’s your first order on FAIRE!
  • One year of free shipping to retailers new to FAIRE!

If you already have a trading account at FAIRE Direct, you may view the range and pricing of our products at our Wholesale Online Store at Faire Direct. 

 For Stores Worldwide

We are happy to know more about your store and your stocking needs. We are most glad to provide you suggestions on how we may support your store's merchandising needs. Please fill up your contact details for our team to reach out to you.  

For DIstributors

If you are a distributor or intend to become one and are interested in distributing 72 Smalldive products in your country, we look forward to knowing your company and plans ! As a distributor of 72 Smalldive products, you will enjoy:

  • Flexible order budgets  
  • Product and sales training for your staff
  • Provision of sales data analytics to aid merchandise selection
  • Social media support for your region/country of operation