8 Bags Styles Through The Seasons: The Shoulder Bag

Sketch of Woman With Shoulder Handbag

When the film, Working Girl stirred and woke every young woman to their ambition, no fuss tailored suits become the go-to workwear in the late 80s and early 90s. The classic shoulder bag also rose to its popularity to become the go-to style for many career professionals. The shoulder bag is easy to hold; it can go over the shoulder, held in your hand, or even clutched for a casual look.

The shoulder bag is a versatile accessory that you can count on for work and social meetings. A lightweight shoulder bag is essential if you commute daily (actually even if you are not - who wants a hefty load over one's shoulder?). In an ideal world, you can have never enough shoulder bags. But for just the sake of our purpose in constructing a minimal capsule wardrobe, depending on your lifestyle, we suggest not to go beyond 2 shoulder handbags: one in a bold colour or with a eye-catching front flap that adds panache well with your daily wardrobe and another with a minimal design in a neutral shade to alternate. 

An ideal shoulder bag is one made with milled or skived top grain leather so that it is durable and also lightweight. Another feature to look for is the shoulder drop. For an elegant look, ensure your handbag do not drop below the mid-torso. A typical shoulder handbag has a drop of between 80-95 cm.