Our Story & Ethos

72 Smalldive is Singapore’s acclaimed pioneer in the slow fashion movement. Committed to ethical practices, transparency in sourcing, support for traditional craftsmanship, and dedication to social causes, we aim to transform shopping into a mindful experience.

Our commitment lies in producing less but with superior quality, fostering a stronger connection between our makers and cherished customers. Below, we share the guiding principles that shape our brand's decisions:

Our Makers
Our network of skilled artisans hails from Milan, Italy. We hold them in high esteem not just for their craftsmanship but also for their passion in creating exceptional goods.

The Happiness Meter
We believe fashion should radiate joy. Regular visits to our partners' operations ensure positive business traits and humane practices, creating emotionally healthy workplaces.

Premium Leather From Italian Tanneries
We exclusively use full grain and top-grain leather tanned with water-based dyes. Our choice aims to create products that age gracefully, with a lifespan 2 to 3 times longer than those made with split leather. This investment is not just in quality but in environmental sustainability.

Quality First
Every production choice matters. From nubuck leather belt lining to solid brass accessories and resin-coated cotton lining, we meticulously select materials for longevity. No shortcuts in our pledge to slow fashion.

No Short Cuts
Our commitment to slow fashion means embracing every production step that ensures product durability. Leather milling, skiving, and lacquering are among the processes each product undergoes.

Giving Back
We contribute to non-profit organizations, fostering a united community and less polluted environment. This not only supports important causes but also promotes a healthy social environment.

It Takes Two
We believe in leading by example, empowering customers to expect similar principles from other providers. We encourage our customers to be empowered change agents and welcome their ideas for a more mindful shopping experience.

Launched in 2010 with a commitment to Shokunin philosophy, we combine traditional craftsmanship with social consciousness. Featured in international publications and recognized with prestigious design awards, our intent-driven approach and high-quality products resonate with a growing customer base. Awards include:
  • Design&Design Award | Paris | 2009
  • Nuyou Outstanding Labels | Singapore | 2014
  • Pitti Uomo “New Beats” | Florence | 2014
  • A’ Design Award | Milan | 2015