Our Slow-Fashion Ethos

Collaborating with ethical suppliers, ensuring transparency of products’ origins, and passing forward a portion of our sales proceeds to social causes are practices we embrace as a slow lifestyle company. In doing so, we want to nurture a positive and mindful relationship between makers and consumers. 

72 Smalldive Suede Belt In Camel Brown Coiled Up

Elegance At Only 20 Cents A Day


Made only in full-grain and top grain Italian leather, our minimalist belts are not only guaranteed to elevate your sartorial ensemble and but also endure for an extended period—lasting a minimum of 4 years or more. This ensures you enjoy a stylish transformation for less than 20 cents a day!

72 Smalldive Bi-Colored Billfolds in Black-Red and Navy-Sky Blue

Timeless Luxury

Wallets & Cases

Known for their exceptional durability, our leather wallets are meticulously crafted, from premium leather sourced from tanneries in Italy, by only the finest and experienced artisans in Milan.


Handcrafted Excellence

Bags & Folios

Be a proud owner of our artisan-crafted handbags, folios, and clutches, each made in small batches in the finest quality leather and fabrics sourced only from Italy and crafted by Italian artisans naturally.

Overlay of a person writing a journal

Crafting Anti-Fragility

Renowned for crafting fewer, high-quality leather goods and promoting mindful consumption, our foray into executive and life coaching marks a new milestone—reflecting our steadfast commitment to nurturing a holistic, slow lifestyle beyond materiality.

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