Our Slow-Fashion Ethos

Collaborating with ethical suppliers, ensuring transparency of products’ origins, and passing forward a portion of our sales proceeds to social causes are practices we embrace as a slow fashion label. In doing so, we want to nurture a positive and mindful relationship between makers and consumers. 



We are starting a new milestone: from creating fine Italian leather accessories to creating knowledge-sharing sessions that impart practical and easy-to-follow instructions to creatives, business owners, and any individuals who wish to embark on a fulfiling journey of cognition and mindfulness.

  • 72 Smalldive Dopp Kit Burnished Gold Buckle Belt and Passport Cover

    Leather Product Care

    Simple tips on making your purchases last as long as they were designed

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  • Belt Sizing Guide

    Find A Perfect Fit With 72 Smalldive Men's & Women's Belt Size Guide

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  • 72 Smalldive Artisan Milling A Leather Belt Strap

    Resizing Your Belt

    A Step-By-Step Illustrative Guide To Resizing Your 72 Smalldive Leather Belt.

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  • Bag Fit

    Use Our Measurements & Size Guide To Know How Our Bags May Fit You

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